Life is a journey – for Donna Ruko the journey has always been about self-expression, adventure, and inspiration. The journey began in England where at a young age Donna first stepped into the spotlight through modeling, becoming the Pride Face of ’94. Whereas modeling was a platform for Donna’s attitude and beauty to shine, her inner voice would come to be heard when she joined the four-girl pop group, N-Tyce. The group signed with Colombia Records in the late 90s, releasing their first single, “Hey DJ,” and touring internationally with the likes of N’Sync, The Backstreet Boys, and Wyclef Jean.

With the group’s popularity more doors opened – MTV invited Donna as a special guest to present the two-hour live show, “MTV Select.” This opportunity put Donna in her element, with confidence and personality shining she was invited back to continue hosting the show.

In 2005 Donna made her big move – a one way ticket from England to Hollywood with aspirations of pursuing hosting and acting full time. The leap of faith landed Donna in the role of writer & host for Al Gore’s Emmy award winning Current TV. Donna went on to host such shows as KTLA’s, “Your LA,” and “Weekend Warriors.” With a growing resume of hosting experience, Donna also maintained an extensive portfolio of print and commercial spots as well as features in a number of short and indie films.

With her ever-ambitious spirit, in 2011 Donna literally took her professional journey to new heights as a member of Focus Rally America, the interactive cross-country road rally, developed by the producers of The Amazing Race and Ford Motor Company. Driving across the US, walking on planes, trekking across desert sands and climbing mountains – the adrenaline was non-stop and Donna had a new outlook on self-empowerment.

After the rally, Donna returned to Hollywood full of more passion than ever. Her life both personally and professionally is dedicated to inspiring. Donna actively trains in Krav Maga, she is constantly in pursuit of improved well-being and currently hosting “The Loop,” on Livestrong Woman’s YouTube channel. Donna’s weekly vlog gives viewers a look at what it’s like for a Brit living in LA, and snap shot of the people, places, and things that give her daily inspiration!